I swear this blog is not just about SaaS, but…

When I started this blog, my intention was NOT to cover only SaaS, but it has been top of mind lately.  I promise to work on some new topics, but I’d like to share a an ealier response I posted to an article by Peter Pearce. 

I think the whole SaaS movement sheds a lot of light on WHY we (in technology) do what we do, and should help drive better business systems and decisions in the future.

My main question for you is… how do your customers overcome the urge to customize to fit their business and or processes (when configuration alone won’t cut it)? And under SaaS have you seen different answers than you had under traditional COTS and ERP packages?

From my perspective, the canned answer (for any COTS, SaaS or not) should be… “we streamline our processes” and/or “we adapt to the best practices implemented by package”, but… I have yet to see a customer that followed through on that entirely (sometimes it seemed like for good reason).

On the surface, it seems logical NOT to customize, but at least some of the time the business asserts that its model or process is a true competitive advantage.

To try and answer my own question:

1: I assume those are just areas better suited to customized or “build” solutions, but those same enterprises probably have plenty of “industry standard” processes that would be great candidates to use packages or SaaS.

2: I think one of the beauties of SaaS is the growing selection of “reusable parts” that can be “composed” into very unique solutions for a business that should “feel custom” if nothing else….

That seems like a nice business to be in as a technology consultant come to think of it 😉


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